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What's keeping you from a private reserve of the homes of the most motivated sellers waiting for market...

Is it Adult Supervision?

Thanks to the Internet, finding a home in the MLS is child's play.


The MLS is the sandbox that almost every real estate exclusively plays in when searching for a home for you.  These are the same properties you can find on the internet. The Dream team thinks out of the sandbox and has a private reserve of properties that could be exactly what you are looking for and almost no one else knows is available for sale.  Because it is not until we do the heavy lifting to make it so.  To make it yours.    Looking for a home on the Internet or the MLS is easy.  Its convenient.  It is a productive use of an agents time to wait until someone decides to sell and offers the home to tens of thousands of agents.   But for every home for sale, there are 5 other more motivate sellers and possibly even better priced homes that could be yours.

Access properties 99% of Realtors don't even know exists.


Your key to accessing more homes, more motivated sellers and specific product that seldom comes to market, is to work with the Dream Team to work with you and proivide access to our private reserve of real estate opportunities.    It is certainly a lot easier to pull a property out of a database and have them automatically emailed to you   Of better yet wait until you find your next home on line and then let your agent know about it. 


There's more than meets eyes of 99% of Realtors.


Did you ever wonder if there was something more out there.  Something better.  Something different.   If only someone would take the time and resources necessary to do the heavy lifting to make sure that the next home you buy is the best that you could get.    It would be a shame if you missed out because you did not have access to a Private Reserve of Home Buying opportunities.  Call the Dream Team and see what happens when you raise the bar for real estate services.   We can heklp you get to other side.

Contact Dan Holbrook and the Dream Team at iDream Properties today and find out what our Private Reserve and the Dream Team Difference can make for you.

If you want help immediately call us at 866-211-4880


While you wait feel free to search the entire MLS right here.  Its a good start, but we might find you a better way to finish!

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