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We do more than just keep an eye out for opportunity

Just having your eyes peeled for opportunity is not enough.   The Dream Team at iDream Properties will actually get their hands dirty and dig for it and mine the market.  If you are a home buyer or a seller, you don't just need a look out, someone with a contract ready when the right property or buyer comes along.  Market mine is about a comprehensive system for data ming, market analysis, prospect funneling and sales conversion.    Market Mine is a real gem of a resource that can be yours because this is a system and process that is exclusively ours.   Technology has provided amazing amount of data and information.   The Internet has a world wide web of possibilities that you can sometimes get tangled up in.   Market Mine is something that you are looking for if only you where to dig for the real treasures.   We have more than just a map.  We have a plan.

What you are looking for is out there.  It starts right here!

The Dream Team at iDream Properties put together Market Mine to be a comprehensive sales and marketing platform, a research to for data diming of statistical trens and property records as well as a prospect tool for motivated buyers and sellers mostly hidden from view.

Traditional real estate has too may Looky Lou's

Too many Realtors are actually Looky Lou's or Betties, Margie or Sam's.    Just being on the lookout for something is not that same as digging deep to find it.   If you want a passive Looky Lou Realtor, there are plenty of them out there.  But if you want a real miner of opportunity that is not afraid to get their hands dirty to make something happen give us a call.   Call the Dream Team and and see how Market Mine can be all yours.


Call the Dream Team and see all the benefits you'll get with  Market Mine and the other programs that make us the Dream Team.   If you want help immediately call us at 866-211-4880


While you wait feel free to search the entire MLS right here.  Its a good start, but we can find you a better way to finish!

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