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Why settle for the home as it is, when it can be what you want...

Your Next Home Can be New & Improved.

When looking for a home you can double the number of homes that will work for you when you start looking at home AS-IF they were improved.   Worn carpet, chipped paint, old roof and outdated cabinets are just a few of the things that do not need to stand between you and an new and improved home.  Just imagine the possibilities and all the new home buying options.   You have more choices and more opportunities right now then you could even imagine.  Let the Dream Team show you how As-If can change the way you look at homes and dramatically change the possibilties   As-If is not just a question it is the only real answer to your search for a new home.   Without it you are only looking at half of the market.

Why let "buyer-beware" stand in the way of the best home.

In Latin they call it Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware.)    In real estate, it’s considered “AS-IS.”  In your world, you might call it “Settling for less than you actually want.”   Some homebuyers ignore some of the best deals on the market that might include anything from a well worn home to a major fixer upper.  Because of this narrow, limited search, they miss out on some of the best deals.  There are also homes that have been dismissed because they are not quite right...but what if you could make them so?   Just imagine you could see the property not for what it is. but as-if it was improved....

Out with the old and in with the "New & Improved"

Buying an existing home doesn’t have to mean old.  With an “As-if” upgrade package you can buy an existing home; new and improved.   The As-iF upgrade will include up to $35,000 in home improvement that can be done before you move into your home.   100% of the cost of upgrades can be included in your home loan.   It’s work done before you move in instead of piece meal at twice the cost over the next few years.    Remodel a kitchen or bath, install new carpet, paint, a new deck, a patio, a roof or even new solar panels to save on electricity.       Get t it done right the first time.   It is a whole new way to buy a home an Improved Home loan you will not be buying the home “as-is.”


Call the Dream Team and see all the benefits you'll get with "As-If" and the other programs that make us the Dream Team.   If you want help immediately call us at 866-211-4880


While you wait feel free to search the entire MLS right here.  Its a good start, but we can find you a better way to finish!

Get the details on why As-If is the New & Improved way to buy real Dream Home

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