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Real estate has generated more wealth and provided a solid foundation for retirement.  More so than any other investment class.   Which is why our "Real Estate Retirement Plan"  strategy is so important to our clients.     We have a perfect investment plan for you real estate...



Whether it is your first home, a move up, down or across, iDream can put you in the right position to take advantage of the opportunities you have and even more that they can create with some unique home buying programs exclusive to Dan & iDream Properties...




Selling a home quickly, for top dollar in the shortest period of time is every sellers dream.   iDream can make that dream a reality.   iDream's unique marketing platform, agressive and unrelenting sales effort does not rely on other agents to do the heavy lifting...


Dan Holbrook and his iDream Team raise the bar for real estate and can help you get on the right side with your home or investment



Real Estate Services you need, you deserve and you might even dreamed of

 Pulse of the Market

The Dream Team has its pulse on the market providing data and information that goes deep and helps you make the best housing decision possible

Unique. compelling. Different.

Exclusive programs deliver better service & Results

AS-If Improved

Anyone can buy a home "as-is" but what if you could get it "as-if" it was improved.  AS-IF opens up a new level of housing opportunities you might not of even considered.

Knowledge & Experience makes a difference

Dan has 35 years experience and thousands of successful real estate transactions under his belt.   To be honest,  there were a few "not so successful" ones in the group too.   Through these good and bad experiences, Dan has honed his skills, plied his lifelong trade,  developing the knowledge & experience that can make a difference for you and your family.   You have many choices, too many choices really, of who to do business with.   Your home and real estate investments will be the largest financial transaction most of us will be involved.    Getting the most out of these opportunities will depend on the depth of knowledge, the level of experience and the commitment to service of the person you decide to place your trust.   Dan and his Dream Team would encourage you look at your real estate professional not an an attachment to a listing or a property tour guide, but instead as a true professional with the counseling and consulting skills to help align real estate with your life and connect the dots between this asset and your goals homes and dreams.     Getting a real estate license is easy, which is why there are 300,000 of us in California.   But the one in 300,000 odds of selecting the right one becomes a sure bet if you allow Dan and the iDream Team to be your real estate resource


C-Cube manages all facets of the tower construction and antenna installation process from initial site planning to final system turn-up, as well as in-house structural modification crews

The Ultimate Service


 Reports  to help you understand the market, your options and opportunities.   We can't tell you what to do but can help educated you so you'll know the right opportunity when you see it.

Decision Point

Guaranteed Sold

Making promises of performance combined with good salesmanship can sound compelling but iDream puts our money where our mouth is with Guaranteed Sold.

Second home and investment properties have unique opportunities and analysis that could provide new and exciting oppotunities


The average home buyer/seller interviews 2.4 agents before they "choose." Get my checklist, comparison  and report:  RE Agts:

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Real Estate

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